Just an exercise in drawing a full illustration. This was a lot of fun and might be a series of little prints. I’m super excited about getting back in the habit of drawing again! 

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Some things I’ve been working on!

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Sketches from a sketch book!

Shiny Kalos Starters!

I love how I see them as a Paladin, Mage and Ninja, one of my favorite shines too! 

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Shiny Chesnaught

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Shiny Delphox

hey guys you can fallow me on Instagram!


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Day 4: Draw an Animal You Think is Cute

My boyfriend tigerliftsthemountain turned his master’s degree thesis last month, and to congratulate him on this awesome achievent I wanted to make him some art, His school LSE (London School of Economic and Political Science) coat of arms has a beaver on it, so I thought “why not kill two birds with one stone.” I hope you love it and congratulations again!

*This one also goes out to you portlandgrown for also completing and achieving her goals of completing your master’s degree thesis! 

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Day 3: Draw One, Some or All of your Friends

I drew some of my friends and my boyfriend as Final Fantasy character job classes! This challenge was fun because I could get back into designing customs for characters! I loved doing that as a kid, I actually think since this challenge was so fun, I will do some more! 

In the top image you have my friend Chris as a Rogue, and my boyfriend as a Black Mage, underneath, you have my friend Ben (who is the lead singer of a band called cityraintunes, he’s awesome check him out) and my friend John who is a Summoner! 

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Day 2: Draw Someone You Like (A Celebrity, Significant Other or Crush) 

tigerliftsthemountain as mystic sorcerer magician! This was so fun to do, I know the angles and anatomy are way off, but just to draw to draw and to have fun, was a great process, it reminded me so much of when I was a kid and would just draw all day on the floor of my bed room making up stories and character.  

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Day 1: Yourself or you person. 

This was a huge personal challenge for me! I am not very confident in drawing humans but, I am proud of this one! It’s the first time I felt I actually resembles me?! It turned out to be extremely difficult but worth it in the end! 

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